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- In the event of an emergency, accident, fire, call 9-1-1 (phones at store, pool house and shop) and notify park staff immediately

- In the event of severe weather, our emergency meeting areas are any washroom buildings, or in the garage of the owners residence.

- Emergency phone numbers and instructions are posted on the laundry room window, at pool pump house, at the store bulletin board, and at the horseshoe pits with detailed instructions

- A first aid kit is available in the camp store and at the pool house


- Only one recreational unit per site

- Sites/trailers cannot be sublet or used by anyone other than the registered camper and registered family members

- Sites are to be used for vacation purposes only and not as a place of residence

- Trailers must be factory-manufactured units and the wheels must not be removed from the unit

- Park Management must approve trailer, and its position, before placing on the seasonal site

- Campers are responsible for site clean-up when vacating a seasonal site this includes leaving the site in the condition in which it was received; includes raking, removal of all garbage and debris and the reseeding of patchy or bare areas resulting from removal of patio stones, decks or sheds. Failure to do so may result in a site cleanup charge

- If a seasonal camper chooses to move sites within the park, a $200 fee will apply (Includes moving trailer only. Sheds, decks, setting up is extra)

- The speed limit is 10 km/hour in the park, and 20 km/hour outside the gate and applies to all vehicles, golf carts and bicycles. Offenders will lose their driving privileges within the park.

- Cigarette butts are not to be discarded on the ground at any time, especially around the rec hall and propane

- All trailers existing on the river flats/river front must be ready to move by the Tuesday after Thanksgiving weekend. Any trailers that are not ready to move by this date must be moved by the camper no later than the Saturday after Thanksgiving weekend.

- Lawn watering is not permitted. Keep in mind our water supply is limited.

- Power washing is not permitted from the Thursday before the July long weekend to the Tuesday after Labour Day weekend.

- Seasonal camping fees must be paid in full no later than the Friday of Mothers Day weekend (site fees are for 2 adults and their dependent children under 18yrs of age)

- Interest will be added at a rate of 4% per month on the outstanding balances as of the Monday following Mothers Day weekend

- NSF payments will be subject to $40 charge

- Campers wishing to terminate their stay, or if Management revokes camping privileges prior to the end of the season, a refund of any portion of fees paid shall be at the sole discretion of Park Management.

- To reserve your seasonal site for a subsequent camping season, a non-refundable deposit must be paid on or before September 15th of the preceding year (this deposit will: hold your existing site for the following camping season, entitle you to store your trailer in the park for the winter and will be applied in full to your seasonal fee for the following camping season)

- Any new seasonal camper moving into the park shall pay a $200 site deposit. If/when they move out, this deposit will be returned minus any outstanding balances, minus the hydro usage up to the last hydro bill and any site cleanup that is required to be done by park management.


- Practice good camping manners by respecting the property and privacy of other individuals

- When walking in the park, please do not take shortcuts through other campsites

- Aggressive action (verbal or physical) toward another person will not be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction

- Any violation of federal or municipal laws by a campers and/or his/her guests will likely result in eviction

- Impending the enjoyment of anyone around you or in the park may lead to eviction


- Every seasonal camper is required to have a gate access card (max 2/site). Please obtain a gate access card at the office. A $25 deposit is required per card and $10 will be refunded upon return if it is in working order

- If you or your guests return to the park after office hours, and do not have a gate card, you/they must park your/their vehicle outside the gate


- Golf carts within the park must be electric and must have a valid Shelter Valley Campground golf cart sticker

- You must be 16yrs of age or older with a valid driver's licence in order to drive a golf cart within the park

- We will need proof of liability insurance for all golf carts at the beginning of every season

- You must get approval from Park Management before bringing a golf cart into the park.

- Golf carts will only be approved if they are needed for mobility reasons.


- All campers are responsible/liable for their visitors during their duration of stay at Shelter Valley Campground

- All visitors must register and pay the applicable visitor fees

- Visitors are required to park their vehicle(s) in designated visitor parking areas only

- An “All Season Visitors Pass” is available for a fee. It allows unlimited daytime visitors for that season

- An "Add Adult/Add Couple Pass" is available for a fee. It allows unlimited day and overnight use for that specified adult/couple for that season


- Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 9:00 AM daily

- Music and conversation should be kept at a reasonable level “for your site only” at all times

- All children and teenagers must be on their campsite or accompanied by an adult after dark

- Loud vehicles such as motorcycles, diesel trucks, etc., are to be parked during quiet time hours

- If your noise disturbs either your neighbours, park owners or any other campsites, at any time then it is too loud


- NO WALKING AROUND THE PARK WITH OPEN ALCOHOL! Alcoholic beverages may be transported between locations in the park in a carrying bag/cooler. Any open alcohol between sites will result in confiscation of those beverages.

- Alcohol must be covered and in an unbreakable container; NO GLASS BOTTLES; CANS ONLY

- Excessive drinking and/or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction without refund

- Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the pool enclosure


- Maximum 2 leashed pets per site

- Poop + scoop throughout park; Please place poop bags in the garbage dumpster near the entry gate to avoid bad odor around buildings

- Do not leave your pet(s) unattended

- Please control any noise (ex. barking)

- Please keep pets out of all public buildings/areas including Rec Hall, Camp Store, washrooms, rental cabin, pool area, and playground equipment


- Campfires are allowed in approved fire pits only and must be extinguished before leaving the site or before retiring for the night

- Campers are responsible for cleaning out their own fire pit. Ensure ash residues are cold when disposed of and that all ashes are placed on the ash pile in the compost/storage area (they can not contain any nails or metal materials)


- Storage of boats/utility trailers on campsites is prohibited. Contact Park Management to arrange for such storage (fees will apply)


- Parking is restricted to designated parking areas or your campsite only. Parking on campsites is restricted to a maximum of one vehicle. All other vehicles must be parked in designated visitor parking areas

- Parking on roadways is prohibited by fire regulations; all roadways in the park are classed as a fire route


- One picnic table will be provided per site; they are not to be painted or stained

- Sites must be maintained by the camper and kept free and clear of litter and debris (including area behind your trailer)

- Permanent clotheslines are not permitted; however, umbrella or retractable line are acceptable if up only when in use. For towels only.

- All trailers must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, smoke detector(s) and carbon monoxide detector (s) as required by law

- Insurance on your trailer, personal possessions, and public liability on your site are required and are the responsibility of the registered camper

- Defacing or vandalizing park property is prohibited

- Defacing, breaking, chopping or cutting of trees, or stripping bark from trees or bushes is prohibited

- Please obey all posted NO TRESPASSING signs


- Lawn cutting, fallen leaves, branches, and site clean-up are the responsibility of the seasonal camper

- Unmanaged grass will be cut at Management’s discretion and a fee of $25 will be charged to the occupant


- Paper, cardboard and fish cleanings should be burned in your fire pit

- Compost (organic waste) may be put on the compost pile in storage area

- Kitchen garbage must be placed in a CLEAR garbage bag and taken to the garbage dumpster located just outside the entrance gate on the left

- The garbage dumpster is for kitchen garbage only. If you are found disposing of anything but kitchen garbage, $75 will be applied to your contract

- Unwanted fridges, furniture, TV’s, BBQ’s, lawn chairs, rugs etc., are not to be left at the dumpster

- All cans, glass, cardboard, and plastic containers should be placed in the recycle bin located beside the dumpster

- Garbage dumpster is only to be used to dispose of garbage generated inside the park- bringing garbage from home is not acceptable

- Place all empty alcohol containers and pop cans in bins provided beside Recycling dumpster


- Sewage pump out services are on Tuesdays beginning the Tuesday after opening weekend and ending the Tuesday after closing weekend. Pump outs requested for any other day will result in a $20 charge (If we feel we are pumping out your tank more than necessary, a $20 charge will apply)

- Sewer tanks will not be pumped if no grey water is left in the grey water tank. (This is required to flush out your pipes as well as ours)

- Sewage drain hoses must be sealed at the point where they enter the sewer system

- Care must be taken not to extend the sewage drain hose too far into the sewer causing a blockage


- Biodegradable means products that do not contain Formaldehyde or Chlorine (approved products may be purchased at park store)

- Camping units that require regular pump out service will not be pumped if holding tank chemicals are not used

- Do not request a pump out until your holding tank is full (this gives chemicals a chance to break down solids in your tank)

- Do not flush baby/cleaning wipes, disposable diapers, or any other adult hygiene products down RV sewer lines or public toilets; even if the product label states that the product is safe to flush - the Septic system in the park cannot handle these products

- Single ply toilet tissue is recommended


- Office hours will be posted at the camp store, and will vary depending on the time of the season


- Hydro meters will tabulate hydro consumption and will be read twice per year in July and October. Hydro bills will be available in the office when announced. You are responsible for picking up your hydro bill after announced. 4% late fees will apply

- Tampering with hydro meters and/or hydro breakers will result in immediate eviction from the park and/or prosecution


- The seasonal camper is responsible for all charges/fees related to set up, connection, and disconnection of telephone and/or cable

- If you make a service appointment, Park Management is not responsible for handing out trailer keys (unless previously discussed)

- Broadcasting internet, tv, or telephone services from any site without park managements approval is strictly prohibited


- No trailer may be sold on the park premises without the expressed consent of Park Management

- A 7% transfer fee applies to all trailer sales. A $100 deposit is required upon listing which is non-refundable, good for one year and will be put towards the 7% fee if sold within that year.

- Trailers to be sold privately must be removed from the park premises

- Trailers over 15 years of age cannot be resold in the park; However, it is acceptable for campers to continue to use the trailer if kept in suitable condition (Park Model trailers will be considered on a case by case basis)

- New trailers entering the park must be 15 years of age or younger

- New trailer purchases must be discussed with Management prior to purchase to ensure they are appropriate for the site


- Any construction including decks, utility sheds, patios, awnings, Florida Rooms, fences, and major landscaping, must be approved by Park Management prior to the onset of any work

- Decks are to be no wider and no longer then your trailer, a maximum of 20in off the ground and must built in 8'x10' sections or smaller

- Only one utility shed is allowed per site (utility sheds should not exceed 6’ x 8’, as per Township Bylaws) (No tin or metal sheds allowed)

- Florida Rooms and hard awnings must be professionally built, manufactured, and installed units from H&H Patio Enclosures

- Any trailer owner assessed for taxation is responsible for completing and paying for permits which alter the taxation value


- The use of drones inside the park is strictly prohibited.

- Motorcycle owners who are registered tenants may drive their motorcycle to their designated campsite only

- Motorized pleasure vehicles such as quads, dirt bikes, etc. are prohibited inside the park

- Fireworks/fire crackers, firearms, pellet or air guns, sling shots and bows and arrows, or shooting of any kind are prohibited


- Pool is to be used at your own risk between 9:00 AM and dusk (daily).

- Adult Swim Times (18 years or older) is from 9:00am to 10:00am, children must leave the pool area during these times

- No lifeguards on duty at the pool- Shelter Valley Campground accepts no liability for accidents or injuries that occur in the pool enclosure

- Smoking, gum chewing, footwear, or breakable beverage containers are not permitted in the pool enclosure

- Pool phone is for emergency use only

- Failure to obey pool rules (posted at the pool), will result in eviction from the pool

- All children 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult or a delegate of at least 16 years of age

- Diving in the pool is not permitted

- Shelter Valley Campground reserves the right to refuse admittance to the pool for health and/or safety reasons


- Adult supervision is essential for children at all times

- Playground equipment is not to be used after dark

- No riding bicycles on the road between the speed bump and the entrance gate. Please walk your bike through this area.

- Bicycle riding is permitted on park roadways only and is not permitted after dusk

- Helmets are to be worn by all bicycle riders under 16 yrs of age

- Parents are responsible for the safety of their own children regarding the use of safety equipment

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